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Legal Advice & Litigation Expertise

At Wood Law Group, PC in Idaho Falls, Idaho, our litigation attorneys offer expert legal advice and powerful representation in various areas of practice. We provide clients with the advantage of obtaining strategic advice and compelling trial court representation in cases where expertise in civil, criminal, and commercial law is required. 

Lady Justice

Compassionate Approach

As legal counsel for a diverse range of clients, we follow a compassionate approach. This encourages clients to confidently discuss legal matters with counselors who fully understand what they are going through. We strive to provide the most aggressive, yet compassionate representation when negotiating and litigating in their behalf.  These are cases dealing with abuse of power, insurance claims, the protection of rights as employees, and cases arising from:

Accident Injuries:
Vehicular Accidents (Commercial & Non-Commercial) - Medical Malpractice - Professional Malpractice - Construction Site Accidents

Medical Cases:
Brain Injury - Head Trauma - Spinal Injury - Skull Fracture - Birth Injury - Loss of Hearing - Blindness & Other Sensory Loss - Electrocution - Burns & Fractures

Loss & Immobilization:
Loss of Limbs - Amputation & Paralysis - Paraplegia & Quadriplegia - Defective Drugs - Defective Medical Devices - Wrongful Death

Trial Court Representation

Our litigation attorneys fight it out in court to defend your rights to justice and compensation. The various areas of practice included in our services are:

Bad Insurance Claims - Employment Disputes & Wrongful Termination of Employment - Abuse of Governmental Power (Such as by the Police, Municipal, State, & Federal Governments) - Civil Rights - Worker's Compensation - Energy Employee Occupational Illness) - Intellectual Property & Commercial Litigation - Family Law (Divorce, Child Custody & Support, & Adoption) - Criminal Defense