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Jason Wood

T. Jason Wood
Sr. Attorney

President of the Idaho Trial Lawyers Association 2013-2014

For 20 years Jason Wood has dedicated his career to fighting for the rights of ordinary people against abuse of power by government, insurance companies, and big moneyed interests. He enjoys putting the justice system to work for those who have nowhere else to turn. His clients are “we the people” described in the Constitution, and our “neighbors."

All too often, those we pay to protect our interests end up serving only themselves. For example, the insurance company of one of Mr. Wood’s clients refused to pay her the life and accidental death benefits she was entitled to when her beloved husband died, because the company wrongly claimed that the death might have been a suicide.

None of the other law firms she consulted believed she had a case because of a federal statute that stacks the deck against her and you. Then she went to Jason Wood. He obtained a judgment against the greedy insurance company for almost $500,000.

Or the client whose son was shot and killed in cold blood by law enforcement officers who then tried to cover up their crime. Mr. Wood exposed their lies to the Court and forced a very favorable, confidential settlement. Or the client who worked loyally for years for a large company that suddenly fired him when he developed diabetes, and had to take more frequent bathroom breaks. Forcing rich and powerful entities to abide by the law and to undo the harm they cause his clients fuels Mr. Wood’s passion for the law and to help those who need it most.

Mr. Wood acquired his knowledge studying philosophy at Brigham Young University(TM) and attending the University of Idaho College of Law(TM). He brought that knowledge to a new level as a law clerk to a federal judge in Boise, acting as the judge’s “lawyer,” as he put it, to ensure that all the judge’s cases were decided on correct legal principles and established facts. Mr. Wood honed his skills over the next 19 years representing ordinary people from all walks of life and small family businesses. He is licensed to practice law in Idaho, Wyoming, the Idaho Federal Court, and the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Mr. Wood’s abilities and reputation were recognized by Martindale Hubble, which made Mr. Wood among the youngest lawyers in Idaho to obtain a “BV” rating almost 15 years ago. His colleagues also honored him by voting him into the prestigious position of President of the Idaho Trial Lawyers Association in 2013- 2014. Mr. Wood is proud to be a lawyer and to serve his clients.